Cold Drink Time

What’s your favorite drink on a sweltering afternoon? A tall glass of cold water (add olives for Grant) or icy, tart lemonade? Or do you want iced tea, which means sweet tea, as Zach would prefer. When I make sweet tea, I put the sugar in the pot before I pour in the hot tea. Why is it better that way?

If I’m at beach bar, a pina colada, or even a virgin pina colada is irresistible. But my brother prefers daiquiris, and a Salted Rim margarita is always a good choice. Or how about an ice cold beer?

How does Barb’s new drink, the Sand Shark, sound? A big-bowled, or Poco Grande highball glass is best for this concoction. Put a couple tablespoons of chunky raw sugar in the bottom. Then add a gummy shark and peach schnapps. On top of that pour blue liquor, add a shot of white rum and top with a spritz of seltzer water. Garnish with a paper parasol pick stuck through a wedge of pineapples and a cherry. Enjoy if you dare. (if you’re of legal age).

Fish Tales

Do you have a good fish story? I have a few. No, I won’t tell you all about the 125 pound tarpon I caught. (But it was fun.) Sometimes a fishing tale has little to do with the actual fish.

One day we were fishing for tripletail and some novice sailing students came dangerously close. Hey, they’re coming right this way. They can’t be going to hit us. Are they?

Yes, we could have powered up and gotten out of the way and in hindsight we should have. But I had a fish on the line. A tripletail! The boom of their small sailboat came across the bow of our flats boat…heading straight for me.

What to do? We ducked. But I caught the top of my bikini bathing suit on the throttle. No worries. The boat was off. Let’s just call it a wardrobe mishap. Those youngsters got an eyeful. But I still got my fish. Triple tail, fresh caught. Nothing better.

Tropical Paradise

What makes a wonderful tropical vacation? Clear blue water? Snorkeling? Pina coladas and margaritas at a tiki bar or on a sandy beach? Wading in salty surf under a warm sun? Holding hands with your sweetheart when the sun touches the horizon?

When I first came to Florida, I couldn’t shake the feeling I was on vacation twenty-four─ seven. Sweet salt air, powdery sand, crashing waves. Gazing across blue-green water to the cobalt sky is mother nature’s tranquilizer. It chases away worries. That’s why it’s so soothing to walk the beach or relax in a boat and drift on clear water, watching dolphins roll, staring at the horizon. Empty mind. Peaceful spirit. Happy heart.