Fish Tales

Do you have a good fish story? I have a few. No, I won’t tell you all about the 125 pound tarpon I caught. (But it was fun.) Sometimes a fishing tale has little to do with the actual fish.

One day we were fishing for tripletail and some novice sailing students came dangerously close. Hey, they’re coming right this way. They can’t be going to hit us. Are they?

Yes, we could have powered up and gotten out of the way and in hindsight we should have. But I had a fish on the line. A tripletail! The boom of their small sailboat came across the bow of our flats boat…heading straight for me.

What to do? We ducked. But I caught the top of my bikini bathing suit on the throttle. No worries. The boat was off. Let’s just call it a wardrobe mishap. Those youngsters got an eyeful. But I still got my fish. Triple tail, fresh caught. Nothing better.

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