Cold Drink Time

What’s your favorite drink on a sweltering afternoon? A tall glass of cold water (add olives for Grant) or icy, tart lemonade? Or do you want iced tea, which means sweet tea, as Zach would prefer. When I make sweet tea, I put the sugar in the pot before I pour in the hot tea. Why is it better that way?

If I’m at beach bar, a pina colada, or even a virgin pina colada is irresistible. But my brother prefers daiquiris, and a Salted Rim margarita is always a good choice. Or how about an ice cold beer?

How does Barb’s new drink, the Sand Shark, sound? A big-bowled, or Poco Grande highball glass is best for this concoction. Put a couple tablespoons of chunky raw sugar in the bottom. Then add a gummy shark and peach schnapps. On top of that pour blue liquor, add a shot of white rum and top with a spritz of seltzer water. Garnish with a paper parasol pick stuck through a wedge of pineapples and a cherry. Enjoy if you dare. (if you’re of legal age).

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