Juliet Brilee: Author


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She’s got a business to run…he’s got a promise to keep…

Ecotour captain Willow McBride guides tourists through tropical waters, spotting dolphins with ease. But family responsibilities are adding up to desperate times. Mysterious new customers pushing for more than a wildlife tour could be the solution. Or will they lead her into dangerous waters?

Having her old crush, Grant Taylor, show up in town and get in her way isn’t helping. Forced to see how narrow the channels of her life have become, she must find what it takes to reclaim her dreams.

Wounded Army veteran Grant Taylor returns to his hometown to do a simple favor for his old friend. He finds his best friend’s sister all grown up and getting in over her head. Now he must face the darkness in his past to keep his promise, even if it means losing his heart.

A brother’s best friend, second chance for romance story, with a lot of sweet, a dash of heat, and a pinch of intrigue.

Second Chance Rescue: Tender Hearts get a Second Chance at South Paws Dog Rescue

  Book Two in the Escape to Valencia Cove for Tropical Romance series

 When Sami moves into her cousin’s home and becomes a partner a South Paws dog rescue, everything seems to be falling into place…until a mysterious stranger shows up to volunteer.Brice Forster had a good life and lost it all. His friend’s secret becomes his problem and now he’s stuck in a coastal Florida town with an irritable woman who rescues dogs. If he can open his mind, he may find working at the dog rescue can rescue him.

Christmas Cake Day

Book Three in the Escape to Valencia Cove for Tropical Romance series

A cup of sweet…A dash of heat…And a pinch of intrigue

Olivia Brighton can design an award-winning quilt but can she piece together a better life? She returns to her coastal Florida hometown for a traditional holiday celebration with family, hoping to untangle the threads of her post-divorce life. Caught up in baking Christmas treats, she finds cakes aren’t the only sweet tempting her this holiday.

In the wake of fraud, Trevor Weston must find a way to save the programs at Sacred Haven Center for People with Disabilities where he manages the garden and therapeutic riding. His student’s cousin agrees to temp in the empty art position over the holidays. Can Trevor sees past the crisis at the Center to the possibility of filling the empty place in his heart and give love a second chance?

Fish Tales

Do you have a good fish story? I have a few. No, I won’t tell you all about the 125 pound tarpon I caught. (But it was fun.) Sometimes a fishing tale has little to do with the actual fish. One day we were fishing for tripletail and some novice sailing students came dangerously close.Continue reading “Fish Tales”

Tropical Paradise

What makes a wonderful tropical vacation? Clear blue water? Snorkeling? Pina coladas and margaritas at a tiki bar or on a sandy beach? Wading in salty surf under a warm sun? Holding hands with your sweetheart when the sun touches the horizon? When I first came to Florida, I couldn’t shake the feeling I wasContinue reading “Tropical Paradise”